Q: What is Outabox Studios?

A: Outabox Studios is a new innovative independent entertainment studio. Our core focus is game development and the integration of crypto within gaming. We also love art and literature especially when combined. 

Q: What is Outabox Studios currently working on?

A: Outabox studios are currently working on a number of projects, the biggest one being an action adventure horror game known as Dead Zone: The Blair Hill Incident. Then there’s the LENIUM blockchain which will allow the immigration of the entire Xi SERIES. There’s also a plan set in motion for Outaverse Lit which is just as an exciting project focused on opening doors of opportunity for many artists.

Q: What’s the difference between the cryptocurrencies Core-Chip, Terabit, the Xi Series and Lenium Coin?

A: Outabox Studios’ Core-Chip Cryptocurrency initially started as a fundraiser in order to fund our projects, as we did take a hard knock due to the covid-19 pandemic, like most companies and their employees. To make matters worse the exchange on which CRC got listed was hacked. The studio pulled the plug on CRC and TERABIT, but from the ashes came the Xi Series, filling the gap which CRC and TERABIT lacked. While Outabox Studios intend to make use of the Xi SERIES in our games as well, the entire core meaning of the Xi SERIES is meant as a wealth distribution set of assets. The people’s crypto, a gift from us to the masses. The Lenium Coin will be created on the LENIUM blockchain, formerly known as the ILENIUM blockchain. A blockchain specifically designed to handle a more complex vein breaking and pair spawning system, ease of use, inability of coin, token or chip asset loss and the integration of cryptocurrency within gaming. As stated before the entire Xi SERIES will migrate to the LENIUM blockchain once it’s fully operational.

Q: How soon will Outabox’s first game be launched?

A: This depends on the time management and resources available to us. As we said, we did take a knock, but this will not stop us at all from reaching our goals. The soonest will probably be mid 2022 as we’re planning on creating some kids friendly mobile games, Dead Zone: The Blair Hill Incident however is scheduled for a mid to late 2023 release. We are currently a manned team of four, down from eight. All of us have day jobs, we do not go out, when we rest it’s not long, working on this project is a dream come true, the games, the Xi SERIES, it brings a sense of belonging into someone’s life. We do however rely on the ICO of this project to increase productivity where needed most.

Q: Will Outabox have an online store?

A: Yes, it’s currently in development and will most likely be linked to our website and definitely to the LENIUM blockchain. All of the Xi SERIES assets will be available to transact with in the store, one after the other as each asset gets listed.

Q: Where can people buy their own Xi assets?

A: From either our evolving online Xi MARKET or from our trusted merchants within the buyers club.

Q: How can the community help?

A: Look, we are aware that the pandemic affected everyone including ourselves. The fact of the matter is it takes time and resources to produce products, and any donations are welcome. But we do implore people to take part in the ICO as is, it’s meant to help them just as much as it’s meant to help us. To speed up the process the more hype the community makes about the Xi SERIES the quicker we can get the assets listed on as many exchanges as possible. There was a time when exchanges weren’t too hard on the pocket in order to get an asset listed, those times have changed. The more support we get the quicker we’ll be able to produce our projects and the sooner we’ll be able to share our innovation with gamers and crypto enthusiasts who are in need of something new. The hype around the Xi Series alone will make a significant impact, not just for Outabox Studios, but for the community as well, as people will have within their possession a real asset that will be able to generate wealth, on both a short-term and long-term premises. No doubt the assets will reach trading markets and platforms. Nevertheless, it’s up to the community how fast this will happen.

Q: What’s the idea behind Outabox’s competitions?

A: Marketing, wealth distribution and community building. We wanted to do something for artists, especially the less fortunate and therefore our competitions have no demographic cap. All Genders, Ages and Races are allowed to enter our competitions. In the near future we hope to broaden our spectrum around the competition subject and add more prizes which aren’t just crypto based. We also aim to force these artists upon the world and make everyone aware of their extraordinary abilities. In the future we’ll also be contacting some artists for contractual opportunities. So, in hindsight we’re definitely looking at the bigger picture within every step taken and wish to give back in any way we can.

Q: What is Project Illeneum?

A: Illeneum is a project name for our cyberpunk based game which has been in development since September 2018. It’s going to be a massive game, and we could definitely do with more hands on deck and boots on the ground. Our games aren’t just ours, they belong just as equally to the community. We’re just sharing our stories and wish to build upon the OUTAVERSE and community surrounding it. The people comes first, but they need something worth fighting for. 

Q: When will the game be released?

A: Project Illeneum is much bigger than Dead Zone. Also more complex because of all the technicalities and layers within the game. We hope, 2024.

Q: Will Project Illeneum’s availability be subject to next-gen consoles only?

A: No, definitely not, we aim to target a larger audience and not just those whom can afford next-gen consoles or high spec gaming rigs. However, this is not to say that there won’t be different versions of the game available. This can be said for all our games.

Q: What’s the age restriction on Project Illeneum?

A: Illeneum will be R-Rated, however there will be PG settings available on the home screen to shield all the kids out there from all the nasty stuff.

Q: Any other titles in the works?

A: Besides Dead Zone: The Blair Hill Incident and Project Illeneum, yes. Plenty, the resources to create these titles in mind will make a massive difference.

Q: How unique will Dead Zone and Project Illeneum be?

A: It’s important for Outabox Studios to give our audience something new, something different, something that has never been experienced before. So yes, both Dead Zone and Illeneum will be very unique, very different from other horror and cyberpunk genres, and the story-lines will also be highly immersive for the player.

Q: Will Project Illeneum be a FPS game.

A: Yes, and No. Depending on your preference, the game will be able to toggle between Different views of FPS and Third Person views.

Q: Will there be guns?

A: The core of the game will revolve around character building and investigating some shady stuff going on, the short of it however is… Yes, it’s key to shoot stuff and a lot of it, so the arsenal will be huge.

Q: Anything juicy about Project Illeneum that could be shared?

A: Most details of the game will remain undisclosed until launch, even within the beta launch and or until the completion of the game played by players. But we know content will somehow manage to leak, this is the digital age we’re talking about. However, there’s a few things we can share for now, for instance. Without giving the plot away, the protagonist will have the ability to astral project whenever he or she sleeps or meditates, thus enabling the player to explore and interact with another realm or (realms) within Illeneum. The game will mostly be story driven and about character building, and your actions will have consequences in either realm. The protagonist will also have some pretty awesome tattoo work going on and it’s our intention that some of these tattoos will be integrated with actual crypto wallets to be deciphered by players. The use of it however will remain a secret until launch.

Q: When will the Xi SERIES be listed?

A: Look, we’ve learned some great lessons and values from CRC’s listing, it’s important that the Xi SERIES does not walk the same route, it’s important to us to stay true to our word and meaning to our investors, therefore we will take as long as needed in order to make sure we can get the assets listed on as many TRUSTED exchanges as possible in order to create spread and awareness, this is where natural liquidity comes from, without liquidity the investor is stuck with a dead asset. If the investor is stuck with a dead asset then we might as well give up on everything we’ve built over the last couple of years and celebrate around the fire while watching our progress burn, no developer in any project wants that, by taking our time and focusing on the details even the smallest of details we’ll be fruitful in our gains, for us and the investor. This project cannot fail because we’ve never given up, and won’t stop until the last breath is drawn.

Q: Is (Xi9) LENIUM-BULL secretively the LENIUM COIN?

A: No comment…

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