Digitoonz is a set of collectable NFT pixelated art created by Outabox Studios.

The main purpose behind these collectables is to raise funds for the studio’s crypto related projects which range from games, graphic novels, novels, art, the beloved Xi SERIES and the upcoming LENIUM blockchain.

Each Digitoon character is unique in their own way, and while most of these characters pay tribute to world renown legends such as Nikola Tesla, Satoshi Nakamoto, Albert Einstein and so forth, others will certainly give the world a better look at characters from Outabox Studios’ OUTAVERSE as Easter eggs of what is to come within their entertainment based content.

It is imperative that the public decide the price of each asset, that being said, the studio also wishes to give back to the community,  therefore only 50% of each sale regarding the first batch of Digitoonz going on auction will be used for the further development of the studio’s Xi SERIES, which include listing fees and the LENIUM blockchain’s further development for now. The remaining 50% will be donated to charity, not just any charity, but rather a charity dedicated to orphans as a means of giving them a chance at a brighter future. In this regard, only the buyer will decide as to which orphanage the 50% donation of the respective asset’s sales will go to, and this may be any deserving orphanage located anywhere throughout the world. The studio will reach out to the chosen orphanage via email while keeping the buyer as well as the public in the loop of each action taken regarding this matter as well as provide sufficient proof of payment regarding the donation.

Please note that should the buyer not come into contact with the studio for whatever reasons may occur. The studio will take it upon themselves to choose a suitable charity to which the donations will go to, all decisions will be made public and sufficient evidence regarding the transaction of each donation will also be made public.

We are aware that the NFT markets are flooded with art, and we are aware that some if not most art pieces will never sell, we are also aware that our collectables are only pixelated art, and therefore we do not expect too much coming from them, however, we believe the cause behind these assets are worth dipping a line in the water, and even a bit is better than nothing and will certainly make a difference.

In order to make each sale a bit more intriguing the studio will of course give each buyer a gift upon purchase. So, please, if you did buy any assets do come in contact with us.

Thank you for gifting us with your precious time. And thank you for being part of something magical in the making.


The following Digitoonz will be set for auction.


A legend in his own right, this NFT pixelated version of Nikola Tesla holding two lit wireless lightbulbs is the first of three Nikola Tesla Digitoon collectables throughout the series.

Dimensions: 828 X 828

NFT TOKEN ID: 81898847775603298464299653306729486327692974638900748732908333904055544840193



One of two NFT collectables. This NFT represents one of the greatest physicists of all time, what Einstein taught the world will live on forever.

Dimensions: 828 X 828

NFT TOKEN ID: 81898847775603298464299653306729486327692974638900748732908333905155056467969




One of two Gandhi NFT collectables throughout the series, Gandhi was one of the greatest political and spiritual leaders to walk this earth.

Dimensions: 828 X 828

NFT TOKEN ID: 81898847775603298464299653306729486327692974638900748732908333906254568095745



This NFT represents the notorious anonymity of Satoshi Nakamoto and is the first of three Satoshi Nakamoto Digitoon collectables throughout the series.

Dimensions: 828 X 828

NFT TOKEN ID: 81898847775603298464299653306729486327692974638900748732908333902956033212417


Below you will find the DIGITOONZ GRID revealing some of the assets which will follow upon successful sale of the above revealed assets.

Please note that there are slight differences as per assets shown within the grid compared to what the assets actually look like when listed for auction, this is only a means to combat copyright theft.

As soon as all revealed assets have been auctioned off successfully, more Digitoonz will be revealed. The studio hopes that they would have evolved so far within the future that Digitoonz will only be a means of raising funds for charities, or changing lives for the better without the studio profiting from any of these sales.

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