UPLOADED 06/06/2020

Project Illeneum 

is an upcoming science fiction action role playing game that’s been in development since September 2018 by Outabox Studios. The game was initially scheduled for a 2021 October release on PC, PLAYSTATION and XBOX, however this changed when the covid-19 pandemic struck the globe and pushed the team at Outabox Studios back by at least another eighteen months. The new scheduled date is set for late 2023, early 2024, should everything go as planned. Project Illeneum started as a novel which transformed into a graphic novel, until the widespread range of ideas fell in place on the storyboard for a game instead. Therefore the team at Outabox Studios decided to keep the ideas as complicated as possible in order to challenge themselves. Project Illeneum was inspired by movies such as Blade Runner, Johnny Mnemonic, Total Recall and games like Fallout, Deus Ex and Far Cry as well as the popular Altered Carbon novel.

The game will take place in a futuristic city called Illeneum which embodies an open world setting with five different districts, four distinct classes of society, six diverse factions and two different layers such as perceived reality and the astral plane. Both layers will include adequate missions and stories to complete. Different levels will be available in both reality and astral layers. The wastes surrounding Illeneum will be open for exploration entangled with mysterious characters and side missions which will unlock certain legendary items and cybernetics at certain green-market and dark-market related vendors.

Players will assume the roles of three characters which will give the player more perspective around the main story’s unfolding. As of yet only two characters have been created for the game, the third is still in progress. The protagonist will have a victim/vigilante perception, the second playable character will have a detective’s perception and it is still unclear if the player will step into the shoes of a villain for the third character or not, a competition related survey might clear this up.

All three characters will be playable in either a first or third-person perspective, depending on the player’s preference. These characters will be available throughout the main story of the game, afterwards only one character will be available to play the remainder of the game’s post-main story unlocked missions and side quests. All three characters will be upgradable in the sense of cybernetics and prosthetics, however only the main character will be able to upgrade to full cyborg, should the player choose this option of course.

Each character will have their pros and cons. Only the main character will be able to astral project while meditating or sleeping and will have full access to the second layer of the game which is the astral plane and all levels included. The second character will have full access to the wastes surrounding Illeneum and the third character will have full access to Illeneum’s underworld. Some missions will be entangled with the other playable characters and all unlocked items and cybernetics will be available for all three characters’ use. The main character’s aesthetics will be fully customizable, this ranges from facial features, hairstyles, clothing, cybernetics, prosthetics, implants and other modifications including statistics and perks.