Outabox Studios is an independent entertainment studio.

Our core focus is game development, graphic novel development and the integration of crypto within gaming and other forms of entertainment.

We are fully determent to share amazing stories within both  weird and wonderful worlds through art and gaming with you. Watch out for the Outaverse, it’s going to be a life changer.

ICO (PHASE 5) FOR Xi$, Xi12 and Xi6 ENDS IN:








Introducing (Xi9)

LENIUM-BULL is the final entrant into the 1st generation of the Xi Series and was designed to raise funds for the LENIUM blockchain. (Xi9) LENIUM-BULL HAS A TOTAL SUPPLY OF 900 000, and a total of 12 Decimals. (Xi9) will be on par with the LENIUM COIN. 75% of this asset’s ICO will go towards the development of the LENIUM blockchain. The rest will go towards listing fees. 

Introducing (Xi6)

CORE is the Xi Series, and where everything started. (Xi6) will be used throughout the ‘outaverse’ as an in-game credit system. Players will be able to buy special weapons, gear, items and even be able to access certain VIP areas. CORE is the first cryptocurrency to introduce the vein breaking and pair spawning system. 50% of this asset’s ICO will go towards the listing of the entire Xi Series on multiple exchanges. The other 50% will go towards the fast tracking of DEAD ZONE: THE BLAIR HILL INCIDENT. In order to learn more about (Xi6) CORE, please click or touch the below button.

Introducing (Xi$)

The (Xi$) XiCash asset has a total and finite supply of 21 000 000 coins and a total of 6 decimal points which makes it the second most valuable asset within the Xi Series. Besides the (Xi$) XiCash’s use throughout the outaverse, the asset will only release 1 million coins per (Xi6) CORE’s vein breaking system, this process will continue until every last drop of XiCash has been flooded into the system.

Introducing (Xi12)

The (Xi12) CORE-ENERGY, asset was created as a promise made by Outabox Studios to the community that their beloved CRC:CORE-CHIP will not be forgotten. Just like (Xi6) CORE, (Xi12) CORE-ENERGY will also embody a physical form throughout the outaverse, only this time it will be known as the overall arcade token for in-game arcade systems. This will include rollercoaster rides, bumper cars, billiards, darts, pin ball machines, and pretty much everything else when it comes to in-game arcade games and other games forced into the outaverse. The arcade token will also grant players acces to certain in-game collectibles, totems and trophies. The asset has a total and finite supply of 1 200 000 000 and a number of 8 decimals.


Introducing (Xi3)

The (Xi3) TRIBIT asset will be used as the outaverse’s official cryptocurrency and will be the most common asset to accumilate throughout Outabox Studios’ games. Just like (Xi6 CORE), (Xi3) TRIBIT will have its own lore and unique ability within the Outaverse. The asset has a finite supply of 8 888 888 800 and a total of 6 decimals. Pre-sale for the asset is pending and an ICO burn will take place.


-The current price for this asset will be determined by the respective exchange holding the IEO as per current phase.

-This asset will list for exactly 1000 USD

-Take the BULL by its horns. Take charge and participate in the IEO.

-Please note that the below button will be activated upon exchange IEO activation.



(Xi6) CORE

-The current price for this asset is 1 TRX (TRON)

-The minimum purchase is 5 (Xi6) through either the Xi Nation group or the Xi Market.

-This asset can be purchased with either (TRX) TRON or the equivelant value in USDTether.

-This asset will list for 10 USD and will go through an ICO burn.

(Xi$) XiCASH

-The current price for this asset is 1 USD from either the Xi Nation group or the Xi Market.

-Purchasing this asset will automaticaly include 10 (Xi12) CORE-ENERGY per 1 (Xi$) XiCASH.

-The minimum purchase for this asset is 0.50 USD.

-This asset can be purchased with either (TRX) TRON or the equivelant value in USDTether.

-This asset will list for 100 USD.


– This asset will list for 2.50 USD –


– This asset will list for 1 USD and will go through an ICO burn –

A quicker alternative way to buy any of the Xi SERIES assets in current ICO status would be to buy directly from any of our trusted merchants on Telegram. They will guide you throughout the purchasing process and make it as safe and effective as possible.

Please note that through buying from our merchants you are helping them to earn an extra income which will enable them to provide for their families. Opportunity is made, be part of the glorious Xi SERIES revolution and buy yours now, while doing some good for others.

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Got no money to buy? No worries, we are giving 20 000 USD worth of (Xi6) CORE and 40 000 USD worth of (Xi3) TRIBIT away. All you need to do is follow the Xi Series on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and or TELEGRAM, fill in the below form and submit.

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Terms and conditions:

The airdrop ends the 5th of July 2021 and will be paid out between the 5th and 10th of May, 5th and 10th of June and the 5th and 10th of July 2021. In order to qualify for the airdrop all participants must follow the Xi Series on at least 2 social media platforms, FACEBOOK, TWITTER and or TELEGRAM. All participants must have an active TRONLINK wallet in which the assets can be transferred to. Multiple submissions from a single user will automatically disqualify the participant, multiple accounts from a single user trying to take advantage of the referral system will not be allowed and will automatically disqualify the participant from the airdrop.

11 + 2 =












Dead Zone: The Blair Hill Incident is an adventure survival horror game that is in current development by Outabox Studios and scheduled for a late October 2023 release on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. The story will take place on a fictional secluded island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The majority of the gameplay however will take place within a hidden Community Estate known as Blair Hill. It will be behind these gates where the player’s given character will have to endure some brutal and outright terrifying moments while uncovering the truth of what plagues the island. The game will embody some factors of an open world in order to enable exploration within the surrounding areas of Blair Hill which will be crucial to puzzle solving and obtaining items, objects and collectables. There will be instances where the player’s character/characters are forced into dark tunnels, narrow spaces, high towers, deep bodies of water, cold caves, haunted buildings, streets filled with undead hordes, locations with angry and unsettled mobs, unavoidable boss fights and so much more. The game will jump between third-and-first person view depending on the situation at hand. Outabox Studios plan to expand on the survival difficulty modes and unlockable postgame missions which might include new characters and monsters. An Undead quest where the player gets to experience the zombie life in a zombie to zombie setting is also in the mix.


Players will assume the roles of numerous characters throughout the Blair Hill Incident story line. These character roles will be split into three states: Stages/Levels/Moments which are set either before, during or after the Incident took place. Not only will these different states be used to give more insight to the player on where certain items, objects, clues, information or passwords may be located, but it will also give the player a better perception on how the story unfolds from different perspectives as the player pieces the story together. The player will have full control of each character’s choices as well as their actions which will ultimately impact the story line for another character. Who survives and doesn’t will be up to the player’s actions and skills. Outabox Studios are focused on giving the player an experience of a lifetime and intend to keep the gameplay within the story as dark, twisted, exciting, mysterious, fear-filled and enjoyable as possible at all times.


Dead Zone’s locations for now include the following, Blair Beachfront, Blair Hill, Staff Village, The Woods, The Forrest, The Blair Mountains, The sunken tunnels and The Scaled Islands which surround the main Island. To follow are some declassified areas such as landmarks and buildings that can be found within the mentioned locations.

Blair Beachfront: Blair Beachfront Hotel, Beach Patrol Offices, Beachfront Apartments, Aquarium, Local Beach North, Local Beach West, Sally’s Skate Park, Sunny Showers and Beauty Parlour, Restaurant Drive, Beachfront Shops, Blair Mouth, Relic Underwater Expedition and Tours, Rad Steve’s Surf Shop, The Layover, The Lighthouse, Sherry’s Boat Yard and The Peer.

Blair Hill: The Suburbs, Upper-class Housing, Elite Housing, Community Hall, Church, Water Purification Plant, Veterinary, Pharmacy, Hospital, Primary School, High School, University, Sports Centre, Central Offices, Casino, Mall, Carwash, Upper Park, Mid Park, Lower Park, Zoo, Court, Sheriff’s Office, Fire Department and Security Headquarters.

Staff Village: Villas and Housing Projects, Barracks, Security Base Alpha, Shopping Centre, Clinic, Central Park, Flee Market, Sewerage Plant, West and South Vineyard, Slaughter House, Community Library and Staff Village Community Hall.

The Woods: Security Base Bravo, Beekeeping grounds, Mad Marcie’s Moonshine Distillery, The Hunting grounds, Off-road Track, Dave’s Erection and Building Contractors Site and The Southern Nature Reserve.

The Forest: Nature Reserve Headquarters, Security Base Charlie, Chelsea’s Peak, Blair Falls, Blair River, Old Grounds, Native Memorial Grave Site, Canopy Tours, Dan’s Fishing Court and The Eastern Nature Reserve.

The Blair Mountains: Blair Peak, The Lookout, The Summit, Tanya’s Extreme Endurance Track, Blair Caves, Vic’s Bed and Breakfast, Security Base Delta, Green Energy Plant, Native Memorial Art Site and Baegon’s Nest.

The Sunken Tunnels: Security Base Echo, Tunnel Entrance East, Security Base Foxtrot, Tunnel Entrance South, Tunnel Hall, Underground Security Platform Alpha, Fork One, Fork Two, Fork Three, Tunnel Maze, Underground Security Platform Bravo, Mineral Extraction Point A, Underground Security Platform Charlie, Mineral Extraction Point B, Mineral Extraction Point C, Fork Four, Underground Security Platform Echo, Tunnel One Exit, Security Base Golf, Tunnel Two Exit, Security Base Hotel, Tunnel Exit Three and The Collection Pit.

The Scaled Islands: Marnabak’s Island, Marnabak’s Bakery, Marnabak’s Hut, Marnabak’s Stash, Marnabak’s Peer and Marnabak’s Cult. The High Bridge, Water Tower One, Scaled Island Two, The Writer’s Manor, The Green House and Warthog’s Pit. The Low Bridge, Water Tower Two, Scaled Island Three, Old Cottage and Allister’s Gun Range. The Scattered Bridge, Water Tower Three, Scaled Island Four, Marnabak’s Family Grave Site, Ruined Church, Ella’s Farm and Ella’s Tree House Lodge. The Haunted Bridge, The Hydro Conversion Tower, The Scarred Island, Old Ruins, Dark Forest, Haunted Cove, Splinter Village, Anna’s Hall, The Sunken Bridge, The Nowhere Island, Secret Facility and Test Site.

Outabox Studios can’t declassify all the information related to Dead Zone’s content yet, but below you will find some concept art and tagged character bios as a little taste of what the player can expect. The depictions of the characters which will be used throughout the game as seen within the gallery below are only mock-up renderings and are meant to closely resemble the real characters which will be used within the game. The real characters will be much more evolved in all aspects of character creation.

Please NOTE that the below content may be sensitive to some viewers.


Coming May 2024 on PC, PlayStation and Xbox

Project Illeneum is an action science fiction role playing game which has been in development by Outabox Studios since 2018. Project Illeneum started out as a novel which turned into a graphic novel and then evolved into a storyboard for a game instead. Click on the above Project Illeneum logo to learn more.

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