Outabox Studios is an independent entertainment studio.

Our core focus is game development, graphic novel development and the integration of crypto within gaming and other forms of entertainment.

We are fully determent to share amazing stories within both  weird and wonderful worlds through art and gaming with you. Watch out for the Outaverse, it’s going to be a life changer.


Coming October 2023 on PC, PlayStation and Xbox

Dead Zone: The Blair Hill Incident is an adventure survival horror game in current development by Outabox Studios. Click on the above Dead Zone logo to learn more.

Coming May 2024 on PC, PlayStation and Xbox

Project Illeneum is an action science fiction role playing game which has been in development by Outabox Studios since 2018. Project Illeneum started out as a novel which turned into a graphic novel and then evolved into a storyboard for a game instead. Click on the above Project Illeneum logo to learn more.



Known as the very last entrant into the first generation of the Xi Series, (Xi9) LENIUM-BULL, was created in order to raise funds for the LENIUM blockchain and will be on par with the intriguing LENIUM COIN.

(Xi9) LENIUM-BULL has a total supply of 900 000 coins and a number of 12 decimal points for deep dive future use.

The LENIUM Blockchain will integrate the entirety of the Xi Series and focus on user-friendliness as well as a more in-depth look within A.I use when it comes to both the vein breaking and pair spawning systems. The blockchain will grant users the ability to mint 4 different types of labelled assets. The 4 labelled assets will be known as COIN minting, TOKEN minting, CHIP minting and (NFT) Non Fungible Token Minting which will be replaced with (NFA) Non Fungible Asset Minting, (NFA) will have subcategories for ART, CARDS and BOOKS. It’s important for us that name labeling be done correctly and that a certain asset be known for what it is or for which category it falls under. In addition to this the developer will have full control of his/her/their assets when it comes to minting: quantity, decimals, fees, coins/tokens/chips linked to fees, an on and off switch for either vein breaking or pair spawning, an internal ICO and Crowd Funding platform as well as a gallery where Non Fungible Assets can be sold and bought or just even displayed. A digital world for both artist and enthusiast.

Without saying too much, the LENIUM Blockchain will be integrated into the games linked to the outaverse. More even so when the Xi Elements Series becomes a reality. Times are changing rapidly, the world is and never was on equal grounds when it comes to countries, we cannot change the world, but it is our hope to make a difference somehow where we can. The Xi Series paired with the LENIUM Blockchain would be the key. HOW? More and more people turn to online sources for work as fear had driven them indoors. Many have lost their jobs during the pandemic, we see a future where robotics becomes the norm, and we cannot really say whether more jobs will be created for humans within that future of robotics, but we can say we can try and create more jobs through the use of the LENIUM blockchain and the Xi Series, or even the Xi Elements Series by designing a world where assets can be sourced through work. Imagine this, you create an avatar in a world quite similar to your current perceived reality, the only difference is, you’ll have a job in mining unprocessed digital assets namely, The Xi Elements. Think digital gold, digital diamonds, platinum, silver and the list goes on and on…Now, we stated unprocessed digital assets, and this idea came from the source and action of minting your own CORE chips within the upcoming DEAD ZONE game. So, we thought, why not create opportunity, create a physical mining or scavenging in-game job, create the middle man, create the processing system, but ultimately create jobs. This idea in itself might seem far fetched, but it is not, we are in both a terrifying and beautiful age known as the digital age, this is the age where anything can happen. We do not believe in cannot, we do not believe in the word impossible, we only believe in possibility and opportunity, both of which can be created.

There’s much more to the LENIUM Blockchain than what you’ve read thus far, but reading snippets here and there across social media one could easily put 1 and 1 together and conclude that the number is two. There’s much work to be done, especially for such an ambitious project. We started small of course, and we will carry on growing, working behind the scenes on everything that matters. Invest now, buy your LENIUM-BULL, support our project and help us create opportunity where needed the most.


TOTAL SUPPLY: 7 777 777 000

As the very first entrant into the Xi Series, (Xi6) CORE, will always be known as the mother of the Xi Series. CORE is neither a coin nor a token and should be recognised as a chip instead. It’s the first cryptocurrency to introduce the vein breaking system and it will be the first cryptocurrency to introduce the world to pair spawning. The asset will embody a physical form throughout the outaverse, whether that be in Outabox Studios’ upcoming games, graphic novels or other related projects the characters will be able to hold the asset in their hands. Core will have its own lore, and will mainly be used as an in-game VIP payment method which will grant players access to special weapons, special gear, special content and even at some times special treatment.

Core ignited the Xi Series movement and started something beautiful that will be everlasting. The asset has a total supply of 7 777 777 000 with only 6 decimal points to flaunt. 3 690 000 000 of the total supply has been locked away in a funneling system now know as the Core vein supply. Every year on the 1st of August a vein will break from the CORE vein supply, and this process will carry on until the entire CORE vein supply has dried up.

Besides everything that was mentioned thus far about the beautiful (Xi6) there’s still plenty more to descover. Please click or touch the above (Xi6) CORE icon in order to learn more about the asset.


TOTAL SUPPLY: 8 888 888 800

Foremerly known as TERABIT. (Xi3) TRIBIT is the second entrant into the Xi Series. The asset holds a finite supply of 8 888 888 800 and a number of 6 decimal points. Unlike (Xi6) CORE, (Xi3) TRIBIT was created for overall in-game use throughout the outaverse and stands as direct opposition when it comes to (Xi6) CORE.

TRIBIT will keep its crypto form within the outaverse and will grant players the ability to aquire gear, weapons, items, food, accomodation and even access into certain locations. (Xi3) Will also have its own lore and unique benefits which (Xi6) does not have.


TOTAL SUPPLY: 21 000 000

Not only was (Xi$) XiCash created to give people a chance to invest in something big, but it was also created to embody both paper money and cryptocurrency throughout the outaverse. That’s right, XiCash will be included in Outabox Studios’ games and other related projects. XiCash will have it’s own lore just like (Xi3) and (Xi6).

The asset has a total and finite supply of 21 000 000 coins and a number of 6 decimal points which makes it the second most valuable asset within the Xi Series. Besides the (Xi$) XiCash’s use throughout the outaverse, the asset will only release 1 million coins per (Xi6) CORE’s vein breaking system, this process will continue until every last drop of XiCash has been flooded into the system.


TOTAL SUPPLY: 1 200 000 000

The undead legend has quite the story behind it, and well deserved. The legacy of (Xi12) CORE-ENERGY, has a close bond with an asset once known as CRC:CORE-CHIP. The asset has a total supply of 1 200 000 000 and holds a number of 8 decimal points.

The asset was created as a promise made by Outabox Studios to the community that their beloved CRC:CORE-CHIP will not be forgotten. Just like (Xi6) CORE, (Xi12) CORE-ENERGY will also embody a physical form throughout the outaverse, only this time it will be known as the overall arcade token for in-game arcade systems. This will include rollercoaster rides, bumper cars, billiards, darts, pin ball machines, and pretty much everything else when it comes to in-game arcade games and other games forced into the outaverse. The arcade token will also grant players acces to certain in-game collectibles, totems and trophies.

While (Xi6) CORE of course took most of the properties of (CRC:CORE-CHIP), CORE-ENERGY however kept CORE-CHIP’S legendary orrange color as a memory of the once beloved asset known as CRC. 

CORE-ENERGY is also the only Xi Series asset in which only the community had a say in for how much the asset would list. Thus truly making it the people’s token.  

THE Xi Series SAINT 

TOTAL SUPPLY: 100 000 000

(XiZ/XiZero) HALO was created for the purpose of doing some good throughout the world. The asset will be used as a form of charity fund raiser in which Outabox Studios can hopefully truly put it to some great use within the future, like raising funds for children or animals in need.

The asset has a total supply of 100 000 000 and a number of 6 decimal points. HALO will not be usable throughout the outaverse as a cryptocurrency, but will still be featured on in-game billboards and advertisements.

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